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bharathi prem associates(bpa) is a design studio that combines the fields of Architecture & Interior Design, started in the year 2000. The approach is to create Beautiful, Harmonious spaces for people capturing the spiritual essence of the place considering the requirements of the client.

We work towards transcending solution establishing a sense of integrity between the Built & Unbuilt forms, creating humane & user – friendly spaces in a holistic approach for our clients.

About Firm

bharathi prem associates started by bharathi prem and Prem kumar in the year 2000. Our projects are featured in several architect journals. The firm has experience in handling Residential, Institutional, Commercial, Office & Hospitality spaces.

Architect bharathi prem is a graduate of UVCE from the year 1995, is one of the leading architects promoting green building & sustainable structures and is a LEED accredited professional from USGBC. She has 20 yrs of professional practice, has been a visiting faculty at various schools of architecture. She has given presentations on green building at various institutes. She was also one of the recipient of IGEN 2012 top 50 architects. She is the architect of Pyramid Valley International, which has received the Asia Pacific award for best public spaces and has been voted as one of the seven wonders of Bengalooru.

Her various projects have been featured in many leading architectural journals such as Indian Architect and Builder, Society Interiors, Journal of Indian Institute of Architects, Architect and Interiors, Architecture Update, Interior Design, Better Interiors, India art and design, D’zen, Vijay times and various television channels.
Prem kumar graduated from BIT in the year 1988, with a degree in Buisness Administration and M.S. in Pshycology. He has authored two Books Zero to Hero and The Empty Cup, which has been very well accepted.


bharathi prem

Zen & the art of building construction 

By TK Prem Kumar

As a professional, I have construction and Interiors business, I have tried to use Zen and its applications in our designs.

I have compared “BUILDING” TO “MUSIC”

We play music which nobody can hear, it’s called frozen music.

Man from the very beginning wants to be peaceful and happy. To be in harmony with his surroundings, that’s the place where he spends most of his time, his home or office.

We make his / her dream houses into reality. Yes, building construction is the profession we belong to, we are musicians. Our music is frozen in the form of a wall, a painting or a floor or a Garden.

It’s a beautiful, therapeutic and harmonious music with space & nature.

Pagoda cottage

For an ordinary person a Building contains cement, bricks and steel. But for a Zen master it is a place where he creates great plans, takes sound decisions and motivates leaders. He creates a relationship with his surroundings.

Everything in a Building should be in perfect harmony, a symphony between space and matter. It will become an extension of his character, belief, Visions, courage and wealth consciousness.

He satisfies his ego through having a painting or a mural which we create on the wall. He sleeps like a baby on the cot which gives him the warmth of his mother. He goes on astral travel and meets and speaks to great masters.

He sits on a chair where he meditates, listens to soothing music, writes his goals, beautiful poetry and teaches his children to become useful citizens of tomorrow. Secretly he will start having an affair with these objects apart from his ever loving wife and children.

He nourishes himself over a dining table where eats food with his family and gets connected to wonderful moments.

A sky-light over his head is an extension of his cosmic consciousness. Here he sits and meditates, connects himself to universal consciousness.

He seeks to be one with nature in the Zen garden; he looks after it like an enlightened gardener. This is his garden of joy where he plays with his children after a hectic rat race at his workplace. He sees joy in every grass, sleeps over it, and feels the warmth of the mother earth, looks at the vast sky, feels humbled and flies like a bird.

For a master home or office is a temple. It is an expression of freedom. Every part of the building will be musically connected to each other.
We as creators of frozen music have to work for the fulfillment of his dreams and visions.

We have to combine brain and beauty, arithmetic and art, money and music.

Friends, every building though fundamentally built for shelter, it is an expression of human spirit. From a simple house to a towering skyscraper which serves as a protection from heat, cold and rain.

Buildings also serve as documents of history and civilizations.
We have to create a blend between wood and mud,
stone and steel, glass and granite, cement and ceramic,
powder and paint, tools and technology,
a blend of outer skill and inner will.

We have to be like a conductor in a symphony, go step by step from design to drawing; from foundation to finish and see that everything falls in its place, from kitchen to bedroom to garden – each with its own distinct character.

INSIDE PYRAMID - Meditation Space

We have to create a Tajmahal right there, an Ajantha, an Ellora, a Khajuraho, dancing girls of Belur & Halebeedu. All symbols of love & romance.

We paint red to remind – his heroic deeds, green – his peace & tranquility, yellow – his
optimism, white – his virtues & values.

About 20 years ago, I was working on a project of a house in Bangalore. I had a great spiritual experience; I was stationed in the site from morning till evening. I have witnessed how a house emerges from a crawling baby to a beautiful woman. What is today a heap of bricks & stones will become a majestic wall tomorrow. Day after it will be a beautiful bride fully attired with jewelry. What is a ditch today, a serene swimming pool tomorrow, a log of wood and some nails today will be a chair, a table, a door, a window tomorrow.

I used to have lunch with those workers almost every day. They used to tell me, you have given instructions to us, please go and relax. Probably they do not know that I wanted to learn how a skilled man for whom I have immense regards for converting raw granite into a gracious piece of art. I wanted to see the wrestling match between his muscles and granite, ultimately how he won the match by giving a form to it. I used to help these great masters when they needed assistance. I always appreciated their skill of giving a form to formless things. For me, it was a profound spiritual experience.

I saw a Zen master in a mason, in a painter,  in an electrician,
in a plumber, in a tile layer,  in a carpenter,
in a manual labour who helps me to convert my plans into reality.
Otherwise all that would have been a sheet of paper scattered with ink.

Friends, my profession of building construction, have given a sense of fulfillment in creating beautiful spaces for wonderful people, in creating music of skill & will, mind & meditation, logic & magic. But ‘it’s frozen music; you only have a kind heart to hear it’

(T.M. International award winning speech in 2001)